The BASIS Scottsdale Gazette

Vol.II No.IV

Scottsdale, November 2016

Brought to you by the BASIS Gazette

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A Look at What's Inside

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Our Mission

The BASIS Gazette is the school newspaper of BASIS Scottsdale High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. Written and edited by high school students under the guidance of Mr. Witz, the BASIS Gazette aims to entertain and inform the student body with trending stories. While we focus on news within the school, the Gazette likes to provide its readers with a wide variety of stories.

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BASIS Gazette Staff


  • Nitya Aggarwal
  • Anthony Bao
  • Richard Bao
  • Lulu Bi
  • Trey Connelly
  • Luke Forsman
  • Gursajan Gill
  • Brian Glucksman
  • Frida Guzman
  • Anirudh Jalakanti
  • Nichole Kyprianou
  • Pooja Kolla
  • Varun Kukunoor
  • Daphne Li-Chen
  • Bailey Mirmelli
  • Aria Narang
  • Catherine O'Neill
  • Yash Pershad
  • Akash Samant
  • Amy Schneider
  • Harshini Thinakaran
  • Divya Vatsa
  • Ashwath Vijayakumar
  • Madison Waaler
  • Raj Watson
  • Bobby Yalam
  • Eric Ye

Comic Artists and Illustrators

  • Luke Forsman
  • Axel Gogoi

Website Development Leader

  • Divya Vatsa

Editors in Chief

  • Brian Glucksman
  • Yash Pershad

Faculty Advisor

  • Mr. Robert Witz